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Assessment for Appropriateness of Medical Cannabis at Dr. Feelgood Health Centre Inc.
On the average, it takes 17 years for the medical field to embrace new discoveries that help your well being and good health. Patients and physicians alike are being educated in prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis. Proper administration of medical cannabis is needed and with an assessment at our office, we can determine if medical cannabis is right for you. Steve Vetricek is a qualified RPN and can assist you in completing the forms to ensure all necessary information is included. The next step is a scheduled appointment with the doctor to determine the appropriateness of administration. If the doctor believes medical cannabis is appropriate, he will determine the amount and potency of the cannabis to be used daily. The doctor will then send your prescription to one of our Licensed Producers Approved by Health Canada of your choice. You register on-line with the Licensed Producer and your are ready to order!!
Our Licensed Producers Approved by Health Canada
medical marijuana
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Are you suffering from chronic and disabling illnesses?
Get your Medical Cannabis Assessment forms completed here, then book an appointment with our medical team,
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Dr. Feelgood Health Centre Inc. services are available at your convenience. Call now to schedule an appointment at our office or if you have limited mobility and would prefer a House Call, we can come to your home to help you complete the Medical Cannabis Assessment Forms.
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